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Cologne Oil Roller

Cologne Oil Roller

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Step into the world of captivating scents with our cologne oil rollers - the perfect companions for modern gents on the move. Get ready to unleash an aura of irresistible allure that'll have heads turning and hearts racing!

We've bottled our best-selling scents, creating these pint-sized powerhouses of fragrance that fit right in your pocket. With these cologne oil rollers, you've got the power to smell fantastic anytime, anywhere - from the boardroom to the bar, you'll always smell your best.

⦁ Ocean For Men: Melon, Bergamot, Musk + Hibiscus
Wild For Men: Bergamot, Cedar Wood, Patchouli + Musk

    Our Australian made cologne oil rollers are formulated and poured in house by us. The rollerball applicator glides smoothly over your skin, distributing the fragrance evenly and precisely, leaving you with an intense and alluring scent that lasts all day.


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