How do I become a stockist?
Simply apply through our application form, we will review your application within 24 hours. Once you are approved you will receive an email to create your customer account, from there you will receive information on being a stockist as well as full access to our website where you can place your orders.

What is the shelf life of your oils?
The recommended shelf life for our oils is 12 months from the time you purchase, not from the time you open the bottle.

What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum order needs to be 20 units, this can be made up of any product in our store. Eg. 10 x Ride it My Peony 10 x Black Berry Betty

Can I stock Limited Editions?
Unfortunately, limited editions are not available to stockists as they are a paid collaboration with influencers that are only available for a certain timeframe.

What shipping company do you use?
At the moment we only ship through AusPost. We are looking at having next day delivery and couriers next year once things start to look normal after COVID-19.

I live on the Sunshine Coast, can I pick up my order?
For our local stockists we allow pick up from our warehouse, when you are at checkout it gives you an option to pick up with our address. Please ensure pick up time is pre organised before coming, pick up times are 8am-1pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

How often do I have to make an order?
Ideally we hope that you make an order every month but we also understand that this isn't always viable and sales do vary from month to month. There is no absolute timeframe but we will always check in to make sure they are selling for you.

What is the wholesale price and what is the RRP?
We sell our oils at a price of $17 + GST per bottle. Our recommended retail price is $27.95

Can I order a tester?
Testers can be ordered as needed and are only available to bricks and mortar (physical) stores only. These testers are to place in front of the products in your store so your customers can try them before they buy.

Do I have to take my own images or can you supply images for my website/socials?
We have an ever growing folder of professional photos that you will gain access to once you are a stockist, in here you can chose whatever photos suit your business.

What payments do you accept?
We offer bank transfer, PayPal and ShopPay



Skinned Store products are not for the faint of heart. We are the rule breakers. Beauty rebels. Cut Throat realists. We were sick of having skin flakier than our exes. Skinned products are hand made in small batches right here in Australia. We're not ones to brag... but the hype is MF real. Our breed of luxury oils pretty much blows any other all-over moisturiser out of the water. Skinned is the love child of two BFF's with a slight dependency on margaritas. 


It’s no secret that the most popular beauty trend of all time is glowing, healthy skin. Skinned Body Oils tick all of the boxes; non-greasy textures, fast-absorbing formulas, and mega-addictive scents. While body lotions, moisturisers and creams will absolutely keep your skin hydrated and nourished, an oil can provide that extra hit of moisture that your skin craves. We know they can be a bit intimidating. Some consider them messy, confusing to use, or are just worried they will cause breakouts, but we swear that once you make the switch and add oils to your beauty routine, you will not regret it. Your skin will thank you for it. 

All of our Body Oils contain:
⦁ Apricot Kernel Oil
⦁ Avocado Oil
⦁ Macadamia Oil
⦁ Vitamin E
⦁ Fragrance

Our Body Oils may also contain:
⦁ Florals
⦁ Crystal Quartz
⦁ Mica

Please see below Ingredients Glossary for more info.


Facial serums are one of *those* things that everyone pretends to know what it is. So we’re goin’ to break it down for you!  

• Is it a moisturiser? And some!
• Is it an oil? Heck yeah baby! 
• Are there magical ingredients? Abso-fucking-lutely!

The Verdict: Serums rock and our little but fierce holy-grail serums are one of those products that you-didn’t-know-you-need-til-you-tried-it. Promise, you will be hooked!

⦁ Jojoba Oil
⦁ Rosehip Oil
⦁ Vitamin E
⦁ Fragrance

Please see below Ingredients Glossary for more info.




⦁ Apricot Kernel Oil: This oil is mild enough that you can use it daily. Rich in both vitamins A & E, it is non-irritant and soothing. Suited to all skin types including sensitive skin. Dry as fuck skin? Apricot oil. Feeling like you’ve got more wrinkles than a shar pei? Apricot oil. Bad credit? Apricot oil. BF acting up? Apricot oil. It's that good.

⦁ Avocado Oil: Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, avocado oil helps skin to stay smooth, strong, and improves elasticity and skin tone.

⦁ Jojoba Oil: Contains a balance of vitamins A, D and E which all promote skin healing. A versatile and gentle oil that is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic.

⦁ Macadamia Oil: Macadamias are not only delicious to eat, but our skin happily soaks up the beneficial properties of this oil! Naturally hypoallergenic, macadamia oil is rich in naturally occurring vitamin E and is fantastic for dry and mature skins

⦁ Rosehip Oil: Let us start by saying it isn’t similar to ya granny’s prized red roses. AT ALL. Rosehip Oil is one of mother nature's best-kept secrets. It is high in fatty acids and vitamin A and C, which not only moisturise the skin, but also promote cell renewal and skin regeneration, therefore making it a miracle worker for skins prone to eczema, acne, scar treatment, dermatitis, stretch marks (seriously- trash that bio-oil!), nails prone to splitting and so much more.

⦁ Vitamin E Oil: Full of antioxidants, this oil is busy fighting off the free radicals. That's fancy talk for 'it's great for anti-ageing'

⦁ Florals: We source a wide range of florals for our Body Oils. Unfortunately due to seasonal variations, our florals can vary in size and colour. Lucky for you, this does not affect the quality of Skinned Body Oils.

⦁ Mica: The biggest benefit of mica is its ability to create a natural shimmery finish. Because it is naturally produced it is a particularly well-loved ingredient and is safe to use on almost all skin types with little to no side effects.

⦁ Crystal Quartz: Quartz is one of the most common minerals in the Earth's crust. It is made by good ol' Mother Nature

⦁ Fragrance: Our fragrances are Australian made and consist of many aromatic ingredients, some natural and some synthetic. People throw ALOT of shade on anything 'man-made' so we want to clarify a few things regarding natural/essential oil vs fragrance oils.

  • Cost: Essential oils are hands down the ingredient of choice when developing a 100% natural fragrance... but this comes with a price tag and becomes a very expensive task at hand
  • Availability: Essential oils are extracted from plant sources right? So when these plant sources are susceptible to ever-changing climate conditions, this means that they are not always readily available. And when they are, the prices sky rocket. Supply vs. Demand. You feel us?
  • Stability & Consistency: Essential oils come from many different sources and even countries! This means you are guaranteed to have varying compositions from batch to batch and can hinder production rapidly.
  • Restrictive Creativity: The number of raw/natural materials available is limited compared to fragrance oils. This definitely restricts the variety of fragrances that we can create.
  • FYI: Essential Oils are call Essential Oils because they contain a raw essence- NOT because they are essential to our health and well-being


GOT A QUESTION? Get in touch! hello@skinnedstore.com.au